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Kill 'Em All | Ride The Lightning | Master Of Puppets | Garage Days Re-revisisted |...And Justice For All | Metallica | Live Shit: Binge and Purge | Load | Reload
Metallica's first album, Kill 'Em All, was released in 1983 originally on Megaforce Records.  Later when Metallica signed with Elektra the album was rereleased under the Elektra Lable in 1988 w/ 2 bonus tracks* Am I Evil?, and Blitzkrieg.  This version was dicontinued in 1991 and can now only be found with out the bonus tracks.
Kill 'Em All
-Hit the Lights
-The Four Horsemen
-Jump In the Fire
-Anesthesia - Pulling -Teeth
-Phantom Lord
-No Remorse
-Seek & Destroy
-Metal Militia
-Am I Evil?*

Metallica's second album released for a short time in 1984 on Megaforce Records. Re-released on Elektra shortly after the band signed to the label later that same year.

Ride The Lightning
-Fight Fire With Fire
-Ride The Lightning
-For Whom The Bell -Tolls
-Fade To Black
-Trapped Under Ice
-Creeping Death
-The Call of Ktulu

Metallica's third master peice released on Elektra in 1986, was by far was their best metal achievment.  The album almost won a grammy but ended up loosing to Jeffrul Tul for Best Metal Preformance.  However, without the benefit of singles or videos, Master of Puppets sells over a million copies in the U.S. alone.

Master Of Puppets
-Master of Puppets
-The Thing That Should Not Be
-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
-Disposable Heroes
-Leper Messiah
-Damage, Inc.

After the tragic death of bassist, Cliff Burton, this was the first effort with bassist, Jason Newsted.  The record was released in 1987 and orginally consited of 6 cover songs.  Later on it was re-released with a few additional covers and some demo tracks.  This album is rare and is the hottest collectors item for Metallica Fans.
Garage Days Re-Revisited
-The Small Hours
-The Wait
-Crash Course In Brain Surgery
-Last Caress/Green Hell

Metallica's first full length album with Jason Newsted and their 4th album was released in 1988.  The album was a breakthough for Metallica and resulted in a Grammy Nomination and victory.  The album also spawned their first music video for One.
...And Justice For All
-...And Justice For All
-Eye of the Beholder
-The Shortest Straw
-Harvester Of Sorrow
-The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
-To Live Is To Die
-Dyers Eve

Metallica's Metallica, or otherwise known as "The Blackalbum,"  was Metallica's biggest success.  Released in 1991, it opened up at #1 on the charts in the first week.  It was the first album that got alot of air play.  It also led to a numerous singles and music video's.  This is Metallica's best known album.  It has sold millions of copies world wide and is probably still on the Billboard's Top 200.  
Metallica               -Enter Sandman
-Sad But True
-Holier Than Thou
-The Unforgiven
-Wherever I May Roam
-Don't Tread On Me
-Through The Never
-Nothing Else Matters
-Of Wolf And Man
-The God That Failed
-My Friend Of Misery
-The Struggle Within

Metallica's first official live album and asortment of other goodies were released in 1993.  It came packaged in a box shaped like their tour trunks and contained 3 CD's (Mexico City), 3 Video Tapes (San Diego and Seattle), a tour diary, and a stencil of the elusive "Scary Guy." Of course everthing on the CD's and videos are from live shows, hence the name... 
Live Shit: Binge and Purge

Disc 1:

-Enter Sandman
-Creeping Death
-Harvester Of Sorrow
-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
-Sad But True
-Of Wolf And Man
-The Unforgiven
-Justice Medley
-Solos (Bass/Guitar)

Disc 2:

-Through The Never
-For Whom The Bell Tolls
-Fade To Black
-Master Of Puppets
-Seek & Destroy

Disc 3:

-Nothing Else Matters
-Wherever I May Roam
-Am I Evil?
-Last Caress
-The Four Horsemen
-Stone Cold Crazy

The long a waited follow up to The Black Album finally came after 5 years in 1996.  With such a long wait, most hard core fans were expecting a high speed, hard core, metal masterpeice but much to their dismay they got the different sounds of Load.  Some fans were pissed of, and some acused them of selling out but this was not the case.  Metallica changed for themselves, not for the money or fans.  It was just after 15 years, writting more of the same music seemed kind of pointless.  All the best artist's habitually reinvent themselves and that's what Load is about.  Dispite fans' distaste, Load was #1 for a while and got plenty of air play as well as spawned a few music videos and singles.
-Ain't My Bitch
-The House Jack Built
-Until it Sleeps
-King Nothing
-Hero of the Day
-Bleeding Me
-Poor Twisted Me
-Wasting My Hate
-Mama Said
-Thorn Within
-The Outlaw Torn

Metallica's 7th studio release  in 1997 was another hit.  It was #1 on the charts for a while, got air play, music videos, singles, etc.  It also seemed that fans were starting to accept Metallica's creative change. 
-The Memory Remains
-Devil's Dance
-The Unforgiven II
-Better Than You
-Carpe Diem Baby
-Bad Seed
-Where The Wild Things Are
-Prince Charming
-Low Man's Lyric