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Warning! Links will die frequently

Due to that I've stolen many of them from other pages

You may need winzip for some of these.  If you don't have, it get it here.


METALLICA MIDIS ZIP- Here is a big ZIP file of all of my Metallica Midis.  I don't feel like individualizing each and everyone so its all or nothing num nuts.  It contains 62 files and is only about 948K, so DL that fucker and enjoy!!


Soon to come: Metallica MP3 of the Week...and of course some stolen links.


King Nothing - preformance from MTV music awards 64 fuckin' MB!!

Until It Sleeps Live - 32MB

Cliff's Solo - 3.13 MB

For Whom the Bell Tolls - 2.11 MB

Whiplash - 2.82 MB

Jaymz talks about Live Shit - 2.6 MB

Through the Never: San Diego 1992 - 1.4 MB

Sanitarium: Seattle 1992 - 1.6 MB

Music Videos

1988: "One" 

1991: "Enter Sandman" 2.3MB( MOV

1991: "The Unforgiven" 

1992: "Nothing Else Matters" 3.3MB( MOV | RAM

1992: "Sad But True" 2.7MB( MOV | RAM

1992: "Wherever I May Roam" 

1996: "Until It Sleeps" 

1996: "Hero of the Day"  2.2MB ( MOV

1997: "King Nothing" 2.3MB ( MOV | RAM