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Metallica At Giants Stadium July 17th

Metallica put on a great show on July 17.  They came on and opened up with Breadfan and went on to play for a good 2 and a half hours.  Besides the music, the show also consisted of some intense pyro shit, like fire works being shot off the upper deck during One and some big ass red flames thats shot up from the stage during Fuel! The audience was just as intense as Metallica was, at times even louder.  I think Metallica enjoyed us in Jersey and i hope we've convinced them to come back and play Giants Stadium again! The playlist consisted of the following songs (but not in this order, and missing a few here and there)



Bleeding Me

Fight Fire With Fire


Until It Sleeps

Master Of Puppets (in its entirety!)

Enter Sandman

Sad But True

Where Ever I May Roam

The Unforgiven II

Creeping Death

Last Caress (accoustic)

Low Mans Lyric (accoustic)

Four Horsemen (accoustic)

*please forgive any mistakes - I wrote this well after the concert and I can't remember worth a shit